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Music Video (YouTube) ~ SUNRISE FULL OF CHEER

Brothers Beckham's first YouTube video, SUNRISE FULL OF CHEER (from their upcoming self-titled CD and LP on Wilde Silas Musicworks): Mitch Beckham (bass), Mason Beckham (guitar) & special guest: Jamie Oldaker (drums). Video shot on location 'live' at Palmyra Studios, Palmer, Texas.

About Brothers Beckham

It is as if someone dug up a time-capsule from 1969 and Mason and Mitch Beckham (Brothers Beckham) stepped out!

That thunder you hear, that rumble in the dark Arkansas sky is what’s next - Brothers Beckham - blues-based-rock with plenty to say and a thousand ways to say it. They are the next life form in the musical evolution of two brothers who grew up in a shotgun house with a dimly lit room and their grandma’s record collection, a record player and forged love and brotherhood and that once-in-a lifetime feeling in your bones when you know what you’re doing is authentic and special.

Guitarist Mason Beckham & Bassist Mitch Beckham - are already seasoned veterans, songwriters and performers who cut their baby teeth on a wide variety of the best music ever made on vinyl. They know exactly what “timeless” means and they have no intention of settling for anything less. Early recordings and performances were strong attracting the attention of Producer/Manager Sam Taylor (ZZ TOP, KING’S X). “Each song is undeniable evidence of an old school love of great songs and fantastic records and spectacular singers and stellar performers, combining a modern tangibility and a just downright crazy musical excellence that is in short supply in this present day music world!” ~ Taylor.

Blues and pine needles and heat and trouble formed Brothers Beckham in that strange alchemy of rural Arkansas.

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Brothers Beckham


Mitch & Mason Beckham - - photo: James Bland,  art: Deric van Reenen


Mason & Mitch with  Zeke Ratliff (drums) at The Texas International Pop Festival 9/1/19 

- - photo: Deric van Reenen


Mason & Mitch at the Mockingbird Theater, Franklin, Tennessee - - photo: Rick Clark