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"There's a scene in gone with the wind where you see a match burning, the camera pulls back and you see all of Atlanta in flames. My ex-therapist once used this metaphor to describe the scope of my emotional problems; i think it's far more apropos to describe the the talents of Sam Taylor. He is not just a producer, writer, or player; he is a true renaissance music man!"  

 ~ Michael Caplan (CEO: Elm City Music, One Haven, former Exec VP A&R: Razor & Tie, Senior VP A&R: Columbia Rec, President: Or Music, Senior VP A&R: Sony Rec)

"Sam Taylor helped us in so many more ways than just producing our sophomore album. He challenged and stretched us as a band and as individuals. The time we spent with him, no doubt, helped us to grow as writers, musicians, and performers." 

 ~ Mac Powell (THIRD DAY, lead singer)

“I am often asked who was the most stylistically influential producer of the 80’s and 90’s, and after hearing KINGS X Out Of The Silent Planet, the only name I could ever come up with would have to be Sam Taylor…!“ 


"In my earlier days in Nashville, Sam Taylor was the vibrant force who gave validity to my own voice as singer and songwriter. He even introduced me to the man who is my musical partner in life, and for that too, I am eternally grateful. To this day, Lindy and I turn to Sam Taylor to shine his light on our music. Whether he's at the board in the control room, or on the keys in the studio or on stage - we want him there to weave his spell."  

~ Lynn Adler (singer/songwriter, ADLER & HEARNE)

"Sam Taylor possesses the unique ability to identify, focus and refine an artist's strengths. He has been able to pull emotion from the depths of the soul and capture that on tape. Not an easy task in today's music "industry". As a musician, I have found his knowledge and abilities unmatched. You can quote me on that!” 

~ Dane Sonnier (GALACTIC COWBOYS, lead guitar)

“While much has been said about Kings X, Third Day, Galactic Cowboys and other acts Sam has produced, it's the range and the depth of his musical taste and abilities he brings to his production vision that sets those recordings apart from so many “samey-sounding" rock releases. He knows how to nurture a band or artist in a way that helps them perform without a net and that's quite a skill! Sam is also an artist in his own right ... a fine musician, arranger and writer with a strong grasp of musical history. He's not just some guy who's chasing the flavor of the month stuff and everyone he's worked with is better for it.” 

~ RICK CLARK - (Music Supervisor: Up In The Air (George Clooney), Jayne Mansfield's Car (Billy Bob Thornton), Hell On Wheels - TV Series / Music Producer: Death Cab For Cutie, Los Super Seven / Author: Mixing, Recording and Producing Techniques of the Pros / Editor: Mix Magazine, The Oxford American Magazine - Music Issue CD Producer)

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